Estonian Public Service Catalogue


Estonian public service catalogue is a simple web-based tool to generate overview of public services. Public service is direct contact between some public sector institution and it's clients: citizen, business or NGO. Catalogue is first of all meant for clients to find services what they are looking for. Secondly it aims to remind public sector who is it working for.

Service catalogue is filled in by each authority. Every service owner is responsible for having up to date service information in catalogue. Centrally is service management and describing coordinated in by Information Society Services Development Department in Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

In total there are about 40 institutions, 11 ministries using service. Project materials are available in Github (Estonian).

Also statistics about public services is collected via service catalogue. All data is publicly available via API.

For because information is publicly available everybody could use it make dashboards for example.

Scroll down to see view from dashboard.

Simple service search for clients

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